Interior Basement Waterproofing

Interior Basement Waterproofing Ottawa

Where exterior waterproofing requires excavation, interior waterproofing accomplishes the job of securing your basement from water from the inside. You could be a candidate for interior waterproofing usually because excavation is not optimal, such as not enough space or access, cost issues or the proximity of gardens, pools, trees and other elements. Interior waterproofing draws water from the outside and underneath the basement and drains it into the basement’s drainage system. This is known as a closed system and ensures that water is redirected away from the foundation walls and basement floor.

Installing a closed interior waterproofing system starts with applying a sealed, flame-retardant membrane to the inside of your basement walls starting at the top of the foundation wall and continuing down and over the footings. Next, a special type of drainage tile is laid underneath the basement floor to collect any water that may run down the basement wall. This drainage tile is connected to an interior sump system and pumped away from the house.

Interior French Drainage Systems

In some cases, waterproofing alone isn’t enough. Low-lying houses, high water tables, weeping tile issues and natural drainage contours can all contribute to a higher flood risk. In these cases, we install the best drainage systems under the existing basement floor to ensure continuous removal of water underneath your basement.

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