Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation Wall Waterproofing Ottawa

Exterior foundation waterproofing is the preferred way, the right way, to waterproof basement walls and prevent water from entering the basement from outside.

To begin the process, earth is first excavated away from the outside of the effected walls and the excavated material is shipped away from the site. Next, the exposed walls are thoroughly inspected and prepared for the application of waterproofing material.

For all waterproofing projects, we apply a Bituthane 3000LT waterproofing membrane – a highly proven product — to the primed foundation wall. A protection board is then applied over the waterproofing membrane.

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The next step is to ensure that a proper weeping tile system is in place. Weeping tile is actually perforated corrugated high density polyethylene tubing with a sock filter that extends around the foundation footing in order to collect any water that accumulates around exterior foundation walls. The weeping tile is connected to either exterior storm sewer systems or interior sum pit. If the existing weeping tile is blocked with debris and cannot be flushed out, or if there is no weeping tile at all, the only option is to install a new system.

foundation waterproofing ottawa

The final stage is to now backfill the excavated area around the foundation walls with effective drainage material, usually lightweight, three-quarter inch stones.

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foundation waterproofing ottawa

Exterior Window Wells

Basement window wells can contribute to water problems. If window wells do not have proper drainage, or if existing drainage is plugged up, then the wells can fill up with rain or snowmelt. With nowhere else to go, the water will inevitably start seeping through the windows and into your basement. Leakage caused by full window wells can be an especially bad problem in spring.


We will inspect your window wells and if we detect a potential problem, we can either replace or install new drainage systems to ensure that your windows and basement are secure from water and damage.

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