Foundation Waterproofing in Ottawa

Nothing is worse than a wet basement. Dampness, unpleasant odours, unhealthy moulds, ruined flooring, stained drywall, sodden insulation and many other ills threaten your home when your basement leaks water. Plus, once your foundation starts permeating water, the deterioration of concrete happens quicker. We can help protect your health and the investment in your home by preventing leaks and repairing damage already done.

Ideally, waterproofing should always be done from the exterior to prevent water from entering in the first place. However, we offer both services depending on your home’s needs and what scale of a repair you would like to undertake:

foundation waterproofing ottawa

foundation waterproofing ottawa

foundation waterproofing ottawa

When homeowners experience wet basements for the first time, it is important to determine if the water problems are going to reoccur or if it was a one-time event. Essential to solving this question is determining where the water is coming from.

Signs of Leakage on Basement Floors

  • If your basement is carpeted, look for areas where the carpet is either damp or stained. Those are usually areas where water is leaking from underneath your basement floor; the concrete may be cracked.
  • Moisture in your basement also causes mold and mildew to develop especially on carpets, but also along the walls. You can often smell the mold before you can see the mildew growth.
  • Rusty areas on carpeting or floors are sure indications of moisture; rust develops around carpet tacks and the feet of metal furniture.
  • Water under your basement floor often causes the cement to crack and become uneven. If you live in a colder climate, this can be caused by not only water under your floor, but also freezing and thawing of underground water during the winter.

Signs of Water Leakage on Basement Walls

  • If your basement has masonry or brick walls, you may notice a whitish mineral deposit called efflorescence. This means that water is seeping through your walls.
  • Rust can appear where you have nails in the walls or on metal surfaces such as electrical boxes and furnaces and water heaters.
  • If your basement walls have woodwork, look for stains or darker areas that indicate water leaking behind the wood.
  • There are several varieties of small water bugs that appear even when it is difficult for you to see a lot of water damage; these bugs seek out water behind furniture, in corners and along the baseboards of your basement.