Caring for Environment

Our Consideration for the Environment

leaf-iconEric’s Concrete and Masonry takes special pride in our concern for ensuring that everything we do respects the environment and causes the least disruption and pollution. We understand that foundation and masonry work can be disruptive to your home and your life. As a result, we make every effort to be punctual, respectful of everything from meal times to sleeping babies, safety conscious, and tidy. Work areas are cleaned up at the end of each work day, and site clean-up is thorough and complete at the end of the project.

From your garden and landscaping to the world we live in, we understand that protecting our environment, both outside and within your home, is just the right thing to do.

Here Are Some of the Ways We Care for the Environment:

  • We avoid lamination.
  • We avoid coal, oil or alcohol-based products.
  • We use water-based membranes, admixtures, primers, adhesives and coatings only.
  • We always dispose of broken concrete or other debris in designated dump sites only.
  • We recycle whenever possible.

A healthy environment is our best foundation of all.