Concrete Services

Concrete Repair & Construction Services

As experts in all things concrete, we also specialize in repairing, restoring or building other concrete structures besides just foundations. Our general concrete services are designed to improve the livability, beauty and stability of your home, and include:

  • Basement and garage floor replacement or crack repair
  • Basement lowering & walkouts (see below)
  • Foundation wall construction for additions
  • Structural foundation column replacement
  • Interior and exterior stone / masonry wall rehabilitation and installation
  • Masonry flashing installation and repairs



Basement Lowering and Walkouts

Your basement can add a lot of excellent extra living space to your home. But often basement ceilings are too low for comfort. We can lower your basement to create a higher ceiling and improve the value of your home. Walkouts too can help create an easily accessible outdoor living area and bring light to your basement rooms. Ask us about our special techniques to bring your garden, pool and interior closer together.



Whether it’s your primary residence or a rental property. Additional living space will add value to your investment.

Other Services

We also offers a range of additional services, so if you have a request not listed above, please don’t hesitate to ask us about it. If it falls in our field, we will be happy to assist you.

To inquire about any of our general concrete services, please submit an online request or give us a call.