Structural Foundation Repairs

Structural Foundation Repair Ottawa

We inspect your foundation problem carefully and, based on the industry’s best practices and our expertise, will use the specific structural repair techniques that are best for your home. With a team of seasoned professional technicians and a senior structural engineer, we specialize in fixing all sorts of structural foundation problems.

Request Foundation Repair EstimateTypes of Structural Foundation Repairs:

  • Stabilizing homes with underpinning or benching
  • Rebuilding or stabilizing all types of walls
  • Replacing damaged sections of and/or entire foundation walls
  • Anchoring and straightening bowed or cracked walls
  • Reversing the damage of settlement and shifting with hydraulic piles

If your Ottawa home is in need of a structural foundation repair, whether experiencing one of the below common foundation problems or another not listed here, please submit an online request and a team member will be sure to contact you shortly.

Common Structural Foundation Problems

Bowing Foundation Walls


Foundation walls begin to bow and buckle inward when the force against them exceeds their ability to withstand this pressure.

Failing foundation walls will crack and leak, and if you have a finished basement, they can lead to cracks in the finished walls. Bowing walls may eventually collapse and should be addressed right away.

We repair bowing walls from the outside with our solutions which will do more than simply stop inward movement – they can also be used to straighten the walls back to their original position.

Settlement and Cracking


Foundation settlement occurs when the soils underneath a foundation are unable to support the weight of the structure that’s resting on them.

A settling foundation will mean a great deal of damage to your home — including cracked foundation walls, cracked drywall, doors and windows out of square, and tilting chimneys. As foundation damage goes unaddressed, it will become more difficult to repair.

We repair settling foundations by…

Sinking Floors Over Crawl Spaces


Floors over crawl spaces begin to sink in three scenarios: When there are too few supports, when the supports begin to sink into the ground, and when the structural wood holding up your floor begins to rot and mold.

When crawl space structures experience settlement, the entire home above can begin to show damage. Drywall will crack, doors will stick and floors will become uneven. If the crawl space is damaged by mold, there may also be moldy, musty odors upstairs.