Foundation Replacement

Ottawa’s Foundation Replacement Services

When the severity of your foundation problem is just too great to be repaired, a full or partial foundation replacement will help re-establish the strength and integrity to your home. Based on your situation, this may entail the replacement of only a single or couple foundation walls (generally the case), or perhaps the whole foundation. Either way, this can be completed while you live in the home. Our team of trained professionals and structural engineers have the skills and equipment necessary to perform such an operation.




Our goal is to perform the task in as efficient time as possible while reducing the disruption to your home. Luckily during a foundation replacement, we are not changing the level of your home and thus, utilities such as gas and water lines, do not need to be adjusted.

Sometimes a wall of your foundation can be replaced at a comparable cost to patching or repairing the current wall. When this is the case, a replacement is a good added value to your home.

Basement Additions & Installations

Even if your home foundation is not deteriorating or at the point to which it requires a replacement, some homeowners decide to replace their foundation for the purpose of adding a new or larger basement.


Especially for urban homes where space is limited, adding a new or deeper basement can result in better value to your home, not to mention a more spacious and enjoyable living space.

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